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We Proudly Represent The Following Manufacturers
in Southeast Alaska:

AMERICAN FLOURESCENT Energy efficient lighting fixtures for residential and light commercial

ARC LIGHTING Accent lighting

ARCHITECTRUAL LIGHTING SYSTEMS - Linear Fluorescent, architectural pendants
and bowls, extruded systems, and healthcare and specialty lighting.

ARTZONE Fashionable line of luminaires reaching the specifiers market through a combination of highly European styles offering architectural design with cutting edge technology.

Clean, elegant, recessed and suspended lighting solutions

BARRON LIGHTING GROUP Emergency, LED, and induction lighting

BEGA Architectural Shapes for Exterior Applications

CYCLONE Progressive Urban Exterior Lighting

DELRAY LIGHTING contemporary suspended and recessed lighting solutions in fluorescent, metal halide, and LED

DVI Modern residential lighting

ECHOFLEX SOLUTIONS Wireless lighting controls for commercial applications

ESTILUZ Tungsten Halogen, Torchiere, Sconces, & Pendants

FAD LIGHTING Decorative European Designs

HEMERA - small scale architectural sconces, pendants, ceiling, floor, and
table mounted luminaries.

HOLOPHANE Commer.& Indust. HID, Fluorescent, Outdoor Archit, & Roadway


ILLUMINATING EXPERIENCES Italian Glass Decorative Lighting

INTENSE LIGHTING Intense Lighting is a manufacturer of innovative architectural, commercial, and residential lighting.

KURTZON LIGHTING Sports, Clean Room, & Hazardous Lighting

LEOTEK LED lighting solutions for roadway, site, canopy, soffit, and wall sconces.

LEVITON CONTROL DIVN Lighting Control for the New Millennium

LIGHTING SERVICES INC Track, Accent, Display, & Fibre Optics

LIMBURG Contemporary glass lighting fixtures from Germany


LUCA LIGHT LED lighting for library stacks

LUCIFER LIGHTING Low Voltage Light Strip, Track, Downlighting & Shelf

LOUIS POULSEN Distinctive Illumination for Architecture

MICHAELS LIGHTING Custom and Decorative Lighting

LUX DYNAMICS Extruded aluminum T5HO lighting fixtures for gymnasium and industrial applications featuring a 10 warranty


PACE ILLUMINATION Indoor & Outdoor Decorative Designs

PINNACLE ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING Recessed slot, suspended, asymmetric, and cove lighting

POULSEN Distinctive Illumination for Architecture

PRUDENTIAL LIGHTING Stock and Custom Fluorescent Lighting

QUALITY LIGHTING Area, Floodlighting, Garage, Building & Decorative

RAMBUSCH LIGHTING High Performance Downlights, Indirects, Church Ltg

SEA GULL LIGHTING Residential, Decorative, Low Voltage, & Landscape

SELUX Highly Specialized Exterior Architectural Lighting

SHAKESPEARE COMPOSITE STRUCTURES Decorative and basic fiberglass lighting poles

SKY CAST Performance concrete lighting poles

STRUCTURA Contemporary poles and bollards feature wood for site lighting

TECH LIGHTING 2thousand degrees Low voltage rail and cable lighting.

TERON LIGHTING INC Teron and Echelon Series Indoor and Outdoor

TERSEN LIGHTING architectural outdoor lighting and parking garage solutions featuring LED, and HID sources

VERVE LIVING SYSTEMS Wireless lighting controls for new residential constructionswireless lighting controls for new residential constructions

VISA Chandeliers, Church and Outdoor Lighting

VISION3 LIGHTING - architectural lighting solutions for exterior landscape, accent, sign, and wall mounting.


WINONA Decorative, LED, landscape, and Custom lighting for every environment

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